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is a family owned and operated business we are located in boca raton,fl and we serve broward,south miami, and west palm beach areas. Our focus is always make our customers have the best experience ever providing the best customer,quality,cleaned and sanitized equipment, on the time deliveries, all at a competitive price. We work with the most professional and animated kids entertainers in south florida to ensure that your child and guests have a wonderful party experience, wheter you are looking for entertaiment for a private birthday party or a large corporate event, day care events, church functions,store opening or festival, FANTASY WORLD PARTY RENTAL is your one stop shop for everything entertaining.
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Party Rental Miami

It is no secret that children get much, much, excited when their birthday is approaching. They begin to dream and imagine how special that day is without a doubt you will realize it. The excitement on your child grows and your concern grows as well.   Dont worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems let Fantasy World Party Rental take care of your kids party.

Fantasy World Party Rental  focuses on organizing and conducting a Premium event for your child, making that special day unforgettable for both your child and your guests.  Depending on your package we will offer fun games, activities, magic shows, fun rides, ponies and much more.

All our recreational staff is well trained to amuse and entertain your children through stories and games with a positive message. We will ensure Party rental miami will offer you a quality service.

Focus on children’s party an unforgettable give your child, children only live once, and secure your dream of seeing your child happy every minute of your life. Do not think you make a good children’s party will be somewhat difficult, trust us and choose one of unestros programs for children’s parties.

How You Can Organize Kids Party?

For starters, you can analyze the preferences having your child regarding caricatures and cartoons, sports or artists. In this way, you make it much easier to define a clear idea of ​​what the theme of the party.


You can start by making a list of people you want to invite to the party. To do this you can sit with your child perform, or if you want to be surprised you can ask help from a buddy or college professor. Organize the list in some way (alphabetical order, if a friend, partner, family member, neighbor, etc.) this will reach people in a much more organized and easier.


Based on the party theme (pirates, superheroes, etc.) takes personalized invitations; this will make people feel more engaged and lively. If you can not make invitations, if it is very important that you contact one by one from the list elaboraste ahead and to confirm attendance.


According to the favorite character of your child, you can decorate the party. We are experts in this Fantasy World Party Rental so you can contact us and we’ll give you the best advice. Click Here For More Information

Games and Recreation:

A holiday party would not be there if it laughs and entertainment. It is very important that you include the organization of your party activities and games that allow children to play and integrate. Allows you Fantasy World Party Rental help it, we have the best entertainment programs for your child’s party. Meet our programs giving CLICK HERE.


Food in children’s parties is most important, just imagine a party full deglobos, confetti, clowns, music, lights, etc., but with dozens of hungry children, it sounds a little funny, but it sure would be a disastrous party and aburida. In Fantasy World Party Rental also have the best packages for small snacks.

Please contact us, we will secure the best party your child!

Fantasy Party is fun for eveyone!